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May 5
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You sat on a sofa in Slenderman Manor, drowning in boredom. A countless number of manga comics lay splayed out on the coffee table infront of you and an empty box from pizza express lay on the floor with an (f/d) bottle next to it. You glanced around the room lazily, looking for someone to hang out with or bug the hell out of. Unluckily, EVERYONE had gone out to go do some killing today. So that left only you, the sofa and a box of anime in the large Manor you called ‘home’.
“Hey Masky, hey Masky, hey Masky! Masky, I know you can hear me!” You turned you head around to spot Ticci Toby, Hoody and Masky walking past the living room in which you lay in. They had finally come back from hunting!                
“TOBY, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!” You yelled out and scrambled off the leather sofa, just to have Toby throw you back onto it as he charged at you.
“(Y/N)! I missed you!” Toby yelled out and nuzzled your neck, his fluffy hair tickling your cheeks. You giggled at his actions and squeezed him back, quickly removing his head gear to see his cute face. Yes, you thought he was cute. No, it isn’t weird to think your best friend is cute!          
“I missed you too, Tobs!” You laughed and sat up, Toby still in your lap. His arms were still wrapped around your waist as he nuzzled your neck and giggled his hyper laugh, god damn it. He was too adorable sometimes!
“Hey (Y/N), let’s go make some waffles!” Nodding a quick ‘yes’, Toby dragged you out of the living room and into the kitchen where Masky and Hoody sat eating cheesecake. God, how could someone this cute and innocent be a killer?                
“MASKY! HEY, HEY MASKY!” You couldn’t help let out a soft chuckle as Masky face palmed when Toby started his usual chant to annoy the masked figure. You and Hoody looked at each other, sharing a secret smile before turning your attention back to Toby and Masky.
“Toby, how ‘bout we start making the waffles now and let Masky finish his cheesecake?” Masky sent you glance and nodded a swift ‘thank you’ as Toby turned away from him.
“Ok, (Y/N)!” He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the waffle iron, his hazel eyes gleaming with joy and excitement. A blush settled on your cheeks as you watched Toby bounce eagerly, “I-I’ll go get the batter and you can go get the toppings!” You explained and turned to go to the fridge where the rest of the batter you had used yesterday was. Opening the fridge door you reached out to grab the batter but stopped when you noticed something, it wasn’t there!
“Toby, did you have waffles for breakfast today?” You asked and turned your head to find him nodding whilst holding a large collection of containers that held toppings in them.
“Yep, they were delicious!” He laughed and placed the containers onto one of the countertops in the large kitchen, “Why?”
You groaned and ran a hand down your face before grabbing the correct ingredients to make waffle batter, “We need to make more batter now, Toby.”
“That’s not a good thing with your cooking skills, Toby!”

“N-NO TOBY, YOU DON’T PUT LOLLIPOPS IN WAFFLES!” You yelled in panic and snatched the packet of wrapped lollies from your best friend’s hands. Toby pouted as he sat back down on his chair FAR away from the mixing bowl and crossed his arms childishly, you couldn’t help but laugh at the scene and roll your (e/c) eyes.
“But I wanna help, (Y/N)!” Toby whined and you sighed as he watched you mix the liquid in the bowl you held. If it wasn’t for you, he would NEVER eat waffles or he would get food poisoning.          
“No, Toby. You can put the toppings on the waffles and put the liquid in the waffle iron but other than that, N.O!” You explained and set the mixing bowl on the side before discarding your apron and washing your hands.
“Now you can join in!” Toby literally sprung up from his chair at your words and charged over to where you were standing.
“Finally! Ok, so do I just pour the batter into the waffle iron?” You nodded with a small smile on your face as Toby poured the batter in and closed the waffle iron before staring at it intensely.
“Toby, what are you doing?” You asked and raised your eyebrow curiously.
“Alright then…”

“(Y/N), the waffles are done!” You jumped at Toby’s loud voice as he yelled out after twenty minutes of waiting for the waffles to be done. Who knew it took so long for waffles to cook!            
“I’m coming, Toby! Seriously waffles take foreve-!” You stepped into the kitchen and stopped talking in an instant as you spotted Toby covered in syrup, frosting and sprinkles. In his hands he held a heart shaped waffle with beautiful decoration covering it, “Toby w-who is that for?” You stuttered nervously as he approached you with the waffle.
Suddenly you backed into a wall and Toby placed the waffle onto the counter before boxing you against the wall. You face heated up as he rested his forehead against your own and met your (e/c) eyes with his hazel ones, “You seriously think I didn’t notice how nervous you get around me sometimes, (Y/N)?”  
Deciding against replying you pressed your mouth against his and pulled him down by his hood.Withdrawing a second later you met Toby’s gorgeous eyes and confessed rather breathlessly, “Fine, I like you Toby.”
A shriek of joy left Toby’s lips and they crashed against your once again before he hoisted you into his arms. You couldn’t help but chuckle into the kiss as he carried you into the living room, completely forgetting about the waffles in the kitchen.
Pfft~ What is this? I don't even... Whatever.
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((This is Nara's cousin speaking, and I think this is awesome!))
Miss-Fluff-Queen Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww! Thank you! :D
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((Ur welcomez!))
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((MY COUSIN'S GONNA FLIP!!! This'll be her Christmas present! That okay with you?))
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Of course! I hope she enjoys it!! 
MetalBladez00940902 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
((I bet she will! She's a total Ticci Toby fangirl.))
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Nom Nom nom nom  mmmmmmm waffles sis- SHIIIIIIIT *gets glomped by toby*
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TOO. CUTE. FOR. ME la in love la in love la in love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 

I want Toby now here... For cuddling and stuff love avatar Love Tards 
LIFE, DONT BE MEAN AND GIVE ME TOBY La love Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
Mistpaw89 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
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Now I want a waffle and pancakes :-1 (lol and my names crazypancake)
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